Saturday, October 30, 2010

Have a Terrible Sore Throat, Ugh!

I've been trying to be so good, with washing my hands and all, but I've been taking the subway and that's probably where I got this damn bug.  I hate sore throats - you never know where they'll lead.  Occasionally, my will lead to bronchitis, which scares me to death, especially since I'm a lung cancer survivor and any illness of my respiratory system makes me nervous because of my weak lung.  When I was 45, I was diagnosed with stage 3b, 4 being terminal.  Yep, one stage below terminal.  With super doctors and mega-aggressive treatment, I am here to talk about it 13 years later!  Wow, sometimes it's so mind-blowing to realize I survived that nasty disease - I truly am grateful for the last 13 years and know that I am a very lucky lady.  The survival rates for lung cancer are somewhere around 14%, which are grim statistics.  If you smoke, please consider drastically cutting down or quitting.  I know it's very difficult, but please understand you can have it and not even know it for years.  Don't mean to scare the hell out of anyone, but it's a serious subject.  I had radiation, chemo, lobectomy, and more chemo.  Thank you doctors for my life!

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