Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How Does This Work Anyway?

I'm new to this blogging thing, as you can tell.  How in the heck do I get people to visit my blog?  I have to learn all those tricks about linking my blog to public blogs, etc.  Also, I think I can put it on search engines.  Have some reading to do. 

Went by this very cool Beauty Store close to me; I recently moved to the valley from over the hill in L.A.  Lived here many, many years ago and am currently rediscovering the territory.  The beauty store had up-town L.A. prices for the San Fernando Valley.  I just don't understand shampoo for 40-50 bucks!  What is the deal?  Why are they so wonderful?  Please someone tell me.  Sure they smell nice, and the bottle is cool, and they clean your hair, but so do lots of others for much less dough.  Also, berets - what is that deal.  These cute berets that cost 10, 30, 50 bucks is nuts!  I wonder what the markup is on that stuff.  Everything was way overpriced in that place.  I did buy a few things - hair band, hair clip, microfiber towel for drying my hair (they're the best for long hair), Sebastian Shaper Sleek Hold Jel for 1/2 price (4.99).  Oh, and some little tiny razors for the eyebrow area.  I like those but you have to shave so often - plucking is better, but the razors are great for fast touch-ups.   I accidentally bought a hair clip I didn't want and immediately turned around and went back in and explained.  The clerk said she couldn't do a void and no one was there who could.  Only the owner could.  I said when?  She said tomorrow between 9 and 5.  I work and told her I couldn't.  So she reluctantly did it for me.  Yeah right, she couldn't do a return huh?  Nice line there.  I hate stuff like that.  I was happy cause I didn't have to pay for it, but it smacked of dishonesty and greed. 

Let's see, I need to put up another pic for my mass of readers.  Be right back.  That's odd that it landed there??  Don't worry I'll get better at this.  This pic is a few years ago, and it's totally washed out and makes me look much much younger than I am.  In fact, I should be -x in this pic. 

Later, gators.....

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