Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Haven't Posted in Ages!

Gonna try again to get this blog off the ground if it kills me!  I've been busing it to work for the last 3 weeks!  No kidding, and it's opened up a whole new world, a world I'd rather not live in permanently, thank you, but nonetheless, another world.  I hike about a half a mile to the bus stop and the bus travels pretty much down one main boulevard, with the exception of one turn, to my place of employment.  Folks enter and exit at almost every stop and I try and guess where they work, what they're homes are like, how many kids, if they have a car or not, if they're trying to be "green" by busing, or use buses because they must.  With the busing, a couple of big issues hare arisen:  first and foremost is the air conditioning on these damn buses.  I don't believe the drivers care about the comfort of their passengers one iota.  They adjust the a/c to their own liking.  Think about it, if they tried to please all those riders (the young, the old, the fat, the skinny, the pre-menopausal, the menopausal), the knobs would be worn off.  So, it's usually hotter than hell, or so cold you can see your breath!  Once I inquired if the heat could be turned down, and the answer was, "You're not the only one on this bus!"  Secondly, the potholes, or rather the empty swimming holes! There are more potholes than smooth pavement in the bus lanes, I kid you not.  I thought I had lost my uterus a couple of times.  Sometimes I think they drive over them as fast as they can to see if they can pop the riders out of their seats for the fun of it.  L. A. has talked for years about fixing the potholes, but I guess funding the EBT cards are more important, especially when they can be used at Casino ATM's.  Where did that come from?  Sorry.  I'm sure you are bored listening to this never-ending rant?  Sorry, but I was on a roll...and I do feel better (next installment on bus ridership coming soon.)

I'll end this post with a photo of a favorite living room of mine in the L.A. area that I found on the web.  Love the contrast of white walls and the dark wood.